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Pioneer DJM900 Nexus Is Now In Stock


The club standard for DJ mixers or is it the DJ standard for the club mixer?

It seems only yesterday that the simplicity of a DJM600 and a set turntable's was the club standard setup you should expect if you had a gig on the weekend. The clubs had it covered and the professional DJ/bedroom bangers had it covered, the standard was set.

Now days only the limit of technology sets the standard, with the innovative digital DJ programs out there including Ableton, Serato and Traktor readily available we are faced with a tsunami of products trying to set the standard in integrating these platforms without taking the credit away from professional DJ's.

Sadly not all clubs have a Traktor or Serato hub let alone an Akai APC40 to really accomodate the more creative professional DJ. Pioneer have always been there to go above and beyond in supporting the professional DJ, working with the best in the business to come up with new innovative products suited to what DJ's really need to step it up. The DJM900 Nexus is no exception with its integrated 24-Bit Traktor sound card allowing you to record the cleanest sound and play up to four tracks at once all, from linking your Laptop via USB and this is just the begining...

With Pro DJ Link, you can connect your laptop via a single LAN cable and use rekordbox™ software. And any compatible CDJ connected to the mixer can access rekordbox™ with a single connection. New Pro DJ Link features on the DJM-900 nexus include Now On Play indication, rekordbox™ Quantize and Cue Link, an additional channel that lets you monitor new tracks from rekordbox™ directly to your headphones.

Here is a video which explains the new features in much more detail....

The Pioneer DJM900 Nexus has captured the heart of the future DJ who wants to break boundaries.

Now it’s up the clubs to stand up, support the talent and keep those boundaries broken.

We recommend the Pioneer DJM900 Nexus as the new standard club mixer and we invite you come down for a visit and see exactly why. This product is also available for hire.

Kind Regards,

The Lamba Team

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